Heritage & History

South Seas Merchants Mariners (LP), today incorporated as a Limited Partnership in the Republic of Ireland, was first registered in April 1922 as a joint stock partnership with offices in England, India and New Zealand, trading all along the sea route from Europe to the farthest outposts of the British Empire.

By the mid-1930’s, the company was supplying most of the logistics for the major shipping lines sailing to the Far East as well as to the West Indies. In the late 1960’s, in addition to its core business of Shipbrokerage and Chartering, South Seas Merchants Mariners LP began assisting private yachts owners and managing crew on their behalf.

At the turn of the 1990’s, the company had developed a strong record in international commercial vessels and private yacht management as well as ship registration and offshore flagging for pleasure yachts and commercial ships.

With agents and representative offices all around the world, South Seas Merchants Mariners LP is able to deliver state-of-the-art solutions for commercial vessels and private yacht management, charter, registration and flagging for individuals and corporate clients.

With deep rooted values of stewardship and excellence, the firm has been driven forward and it is our express wish to carry on for the next decades to come. To meet 21st Century corporate requirements, South Seas Merchants Mariners LP has been reincorporated as a limited partnership in Ireland.

The Company's Coat of Arms & Motto

South Seas Merchants Mariners LP’s coat of arms depicts the Saint George’s Cross with five anchors. Indeed, the anchor was a popular symbol because it was not only part of the ship, but because, just like Christians, sailors liked the connection this symbol had to stability and strength. Putting down an anchor also represented the safe end of a long journey.

The company’s motto, A Mari Usque ad Mare comes from the Latin Vulgate translation of Psalm 72:8 in the Bible meaning From Sea to Sea.

Today, we remain deeply committed to recognise and respond to our responsibilities as corporate citizen in all areas of our business, especially by engaging fully in the public sphere, participating in industry and professional bodies and plays an active part in the wider communities within which we operate.

Company's History timeline


South Seas Merchants Mariners Company is incorporated as a joint-stock partnership to operate as a Shipbrokerage & Chartering business.


In the late 1960’s, in addition to its services to professionals, South Seas Merchants Mariners Company began assisting private yachts owners as well managing crew on their behalf.


To meet 21st Century requirements, the 1922′ joint stock partnership is dissolved and the company is re-incorporated as a  limited partnership in Ireland.


In 2021, South Seas Merchants Mariners LP’ ownership has changed has been incorporated within the RoTi group of holdings of the Rossi Family. The new owners will always keep in mind our core values of excellence and stewardship and remaining at our clients’ service.

Corporate Heritage and Conservation

The Heritage & Conservation Department preserves a wealth of corporate historical documents, spanning from correspondence between the proprietors and our clients, as well the day-to-day management of the company’s business, from 1922 to present day.

Most of the documents could be accessed upon request, by appointment only.

The Ensign

The corporate ensign was designed in 1922 and features the firm’ trademarks anchors on the St George’s Cross.